Easiest Way to Cook Tasty Thyme Red Skin Potatoes

Thyme Red Skin Potatoes. Cut potatoes into quaters or smaller if desired. Wash the potatoes and cut them into half-inch cubes. Heat the oil in a large cast-iron skillet and add the potatoes (you may have to use two pans or do them in two batches).

Thyme Red Skin Potatoes Instead of the thyme, use rosemary or chives if you prefer, or toss. Redskin potatoes contain less starch than other potatoes, giving them a firmer, waxier texture. They hold their shape well after cooking, making them great for scalloped potatoes, potato salads, soups, casseroles and roasts. You can cook Thyme Red Skin Potatoes using 6 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Thyme Red Skin Potatoes

  1. It’s 1 qt of water.
  2. It’s 6-10 of red skin potatoes.
  3. You need 1 tbs of olive oil.
  4. Prepare 2 tbs of unsalted butter.
  5. It’s 2 tbs of thyme.
  6. Prepare to taste of Salt & pepper.

The skin is thinner than on most other potatoes, and they are often served. Red Skin Potatoes With Ranch Dressing Recipes. Roasted Red Potatoes with Smoked PaprikaAggies Kitchen. Red Skin Potato Garlic Mashed Potatoes Recipes.

Thyme Red Skin Potatoes instructions

  1. Boil water. Cut potatoes into quaters or smaller if desired. Place potatoes in boiling water and let cook 12 minutes..
  2. Drain potatoes. Put back in pan over medium heat & place olive oil & butter in pan, let melt. If you are impatient like me, I added potatoes as butter was melting. Mix around. Add salt, pepper & thyme. Let cook 4-8 minutes..

Pasta Vegetable MedleyWish-Bone. thyme, butter, salt, vegetable oil, garlic powder, baby red potatoes. Baby potatoes, fresh thyme, chopped, fresh rosemary, chopped, garlic, chopped, olive oil. Preparation Cut the potatoes in half and toss them in a little chopped fresh thyme and rosemary, some chopped garlic, and a little olive oil. Red skin potatoes can be prepared several delicious ways. Most people prefer to leave the skin on them in the recipes because the skins are light and tasty.

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