Recipe: Perfect Peppers and olive mini pies

Peppers and olive mini pies. It's fun to use different colors. Olive oil: I love cooking with this delicious oil. But if you'd rather use an oil with a higher smoke point.

Peppers and olive mini pies These Mini Pink Lemon Baked Donuts are lemony & slightly tart. Enjoy them for breakfast or serve in a party. This roasted mini pepper crostini with olives and caramelized onions is the perfect party appetizer! You can cook Peppers and olive mini pies using 5 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Peppers and olive mini pies

  1. You need 1 of puff pastry filo sheet.
  2. You need 6-7 of sweet red peppers.
  3. It’s of about 1/2 jar olive paste.
  4. It’s 150-200 g of feta cheese.
  5. Prepare of little olive oil.

Make ahead, serve at room temp, easy! In a bowl, mash tuna with a fork and work in olive mixture. "Party Pies" are classic Aussie meat pies – in mini form! In this recipe these Party Pies are made in muffin tins, easy to make and they taste incredible. There's few foods more quintessentially Aussie than Party Pies!

Peppers and olive mini pies step by step

  1. Spread a layer of olive paste on the puff pastry filo sheet (leave a margin of about 5 cm) then place the sweet red peppers cut into small pieces on that and the feta cheese that you have crumbled, on top..
  2. Wrap into a roll. Place in the freezer for about 10 minutes so that it gets firm and then cut into slices (like the biscuits)..
  3. Spread the slices on a baking tray and brush with a little egg yolk on top. Bake for about 25' until the puff pastry gets golden brown..

They made an appearance at every birthday party I attended as a kid…. and many. Miniature pies that are full of flavor. These Mini Apple Pies are easy to make and filled with a simple homemade apple pie filling. The perfect mini dessert for fall! You can also decorate the tops of these miniature apple pies however you like.

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