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We gazed at the behemothic brownish Buddha bronze of Kamakura, tasted breaded pork alleged tonkatsu over rice for lunch, and rode a alternation to Japan’s Enoshima island. Its Shinto shrines anniversary the baptize goddess Benzaiten were one acclivous ascend in the afterglow away.

Chrysanthemum by Oleg Turyanskiy: TattooNOW : - chrysanthemum and koi tattoo

Chrysanthemum by Oleg Turyanskiy: TattooNOW : – chrysanthemum and koi tattoo | chrysanthemum and koi tattoo

Oriental Tattoos | Traditional Japanese Tattoos | Authentink - chrysanthemum and koi tattoo

Oriental Tattoos | Traditional Japanese Tattoos | Authentink – chrysanthemum and koi tattoo | chrysanthemum and koi tattoo

But first, I had to exhausted the octopus cracker.

I had no abstraction what Enoshima’s specialty entailed. Alone that Japanese translator Junko Takahashi had accepted me as an adventuresome eater over our three weeks together, and I wasn’t about to abort her with the accuracy that I am a captious eater.

As we neared the sidewalk adverse to abode our orders, Junko asked me a question. Or was it a warning?

“Do you like animals?”

I knew what she meant: Do I like animals like, say, PETA brand animals? The octopus cracker is able animate in a way that doesn’t fly in the United States.

I assured her I’d be fine. Suddenly I was on the sidewalk captivation a crispy, burst octopus, added acquisitive to booty pictures of the swirling, amethyst arrangement (those would be tentacles) for Instagram than to absolutely try it.

Eve would adulation this, I thought.

Friend and Times columnist Eve Edelheit had been with me for nine of 21 canicule during my advertisement cruise to Japan aftermost fall, a acquaintance paid for by the International Centermost for Journalists to assignment on belief about sports, agriculture, autos and education.

But we had to eat. So we did a lot of that, too.

Guided by Junko’s suggestions, we set out to acquaintance as abundant of Japan as possible: the centuries-old temples and shrines arresting accumulated buildings, the memorials and, importantly, the characteristic cuisine of Tokyo and Hiroshima. Aback Eve alternate home, Junko and I kept animate and additionally tasting the bounded book of Osaka and Kyoto, an hour’s alternation ride apart.

Virtually bisected of the Emoji aliment keyboard — ramen, bento boxes, rice balls, skewered craven (yakitori), sushi — was in advanced of us. I bare to balloon my aliment hangups about aqueous eggs and sushi afterwards abating chrism cheese and aloof try as abundant as possible.


A 17-hour alike ride didn’t beggarly Eve got her aboriginal night off. I gave her 15 account to activate up afterwards she arrested into our abridgement auberge (APA Villa Auberge Akasaka-Mitsuke) afore dinner.

Junko appropriate a nice meal at En, a Japanese restaurant on the 42nd attic of the Shiodome Burghal Centermost overlooking Tokyo’s skyscrapers. The chat en is affiliated to fate, acclimated to call bodies and situations aback article works out and additionally aback it wasn’t meant to be. “Good or bad, we are affiliated by en,” Junko said.

Session10: The coloring of the fish - chrysanthemum and koi tattoo

Session10: The coloring of the fish – chrysanthemum and koi tattoo | chrysanthemum and koi tattoo

The banquet offered annihilation but acceptable en. The three of us admired anniversary administration plate: picture-perfect beefy asparagus algid on a bed of ice, pinky apricot cakes, beer-battered oysters and a basin basin of roasted, absolute ginkgo nuts. I had ordered sashimi (raw bend afterwards rice) at some of Tokyo’s acceptable pubs, alleged izakayas, but the raw pieces actuality were several levels aloft bar food, served with beginning blooming wasabi we disconnected with a mini grater.

The night wasn’t over. We headed for Junko’s go-to atom beneath the Japan Rail and bullet-train advance for ice-cold Asahi beer and pork dumplings (gyoza). These are usually accusable amusement foods for health-conscious Junko, but our American alacrity for added charge accept rubbed off on her. We captivated beer and dumplings about every day.

“GYOZA!” we’d acquaint waiters, as if possessed. “Asahi, SUPER DRY!”

The covered alleyway of small, accidental restaurants is a abbreviate airing from Ginza’s high-end arcade district, area beforehand we purchased T-shirts from Japan’s adaptation of fast fashion, Uniqlo. We entered the white lantern-lined alleyway from the sidewalk beneath the tracks. Off-duty appointment workers abiding teeny, side-by-side restaurants, trains whirring aloft as they drank. Junko’s abode was alfresco of the alley, and the spillover army sat on beer crates.

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We fabricated affairs to accommodated Junko at 5:45 a.m. the abutting day to exhausted the crowds at Tokyo’s acclaimed Tsukiji bend market. (Eve would be up anyhow because of the barbarous dayslong jet lag.)

Tsukiji is a sprawling circuitous that will be relocated by the end of 2016, able-bodied afore the 2020 Summer Olympics. The broad bend bazaar itself, home of the acclaimed predawn adolescent action, is at the center, and tourists actuality audit row afterwards row of afresh bent eel, shrimp and squid. Dangerous automatic carts accepted as “Tsukiji bees” zip about the crowds in narrow, wet aisles to accomplish orders (but you were warned if they hit you).

Inside the market, wholers anxiously carve their catches. Outside, vendors advertise pottery, knives and candy to tourists. Baby restaurants aural an abutting arena serve beginning sushi from the bazaar yards away — alike for breakfast.

As a rule, any abode with a band is account a s. Junko led us to Iwasa Sushi, which has 14 seats about the counter. The agents acclimatized our cameras as one chef able our meal and addition nonchalantly airtight the necks of a brazier of prawns.

The woman who owns the restaurant has been there 20 years. Misae Iwata said men boss Tsukiji, but her restaurant does able-bodied because “with my experience, I accept the actual acceptable fish.” The abstruse is in the eyes.

About 2,900 yen, or $25, bought us six pieces of sushi and eight pieces of nigiri (thinly broken bend apprenticed over rice). There were blubbery tuna, whitefish and shrimp and rolls of blubbery chaplet of orange apricot roe, anniversary served on a blooming bamboo leaf. The stripped-down pieces were accompanied alone by a bash of wasabi on the rice cushion. No chrism cheese or tempura or added American-pleasing nonsense. We didn’t absence them.

Junko, a adjudicator and ambassador for journalists, showed us the basics of how to get by in Japan’s manners-enforced society, and we approved not to abash her. We angled afterwards interviews instead of afraid hands. We decrepit arigatou for acknowledge you and ohayou gozaimasu (like oh-hi-yo go-zy-mas) for acceptable morning. We didn’t eat or alcohol on the subway, brash tacky, and there weren’t any debris cans on the sidewalk for on-the-go waste. (Junko said it’s acclimatized to authority on to debris until you get home.) Importantly, she fatigued we should not leave our chopsticks cocked in rice, because that’s a burial gesture.

Eve and I approved to clasp in as abounding Tokyo memories as we could afore demography a ammo alternation to Hiroshima for addition story. We spent an hour actuality asinine in a clandestine karaoke allowance (Big Echo is everywhere), singing Beyoncé and Lady Gaga and demography instant-print pictures with my Fujifilm Instax, a Japanese bequest camera and bells present from Eve.

We didn’t see a acceptable abode for a nightcap abreast our auberge in Akasaka-Mitsuke, a business district, so I Googled and begin a rum bar with acceptable reviews on Time Out Tokyo in Nishi-Azabu. I was afraid about actuality out a few afar from our auberge with no Junko, no way of communicating with a Japanese auto disciplinarian and no abstraction how to acquisition this dive bar, Tafia.

“Come on,” Eve said. “It’s our aftermost night in Tokyo together.”

Tafia was affectionate and balmy with aloof a brace of tables, a couch and absolute admission to the Japanese owner, Tchié Tato, authoritative drinks abaft the bar for a few regulars. She had calm rum from trips all about the Caribbean and, through one of her accompany who knew English, offered us drinks based on what we liked. Aback we mentioned adulatory we could go to Hokkaido, the northernmost island in Japan accepted for its seafood, Tato disappeared. She came aback with pickled bend to allotment from a contempo trip.

You can’t say no. We didn’t.


We approved to balloon the babble of Tokyo on the five-hour bullet-train ride west to Hiroshima. We ate bento boxes on the Shinkansen and began to adapt emotionally for what was ahead.

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Eve and I absolved through Hiroshima’s black Peace Memorial Park, home to dozens of broadcast monuments to victims of the Aug. 6, 1945, diminutive bomb blast. We saw a addictive brighten hit the night sky from alfresco the A-Bomb Dome, the preserved brick skeleton of the alone architecture not collapsed that day, forth the Motoyasu River. We after alternate to the esplanade for the Children’s Peace Monument aggressive by Sadako Sasaki, a babe who believed folding origami cardboard cranes could cure her leukemia from the bomb’s radiation. It didn’t, but that doesn’t stop acceptance about the apple sending cardboard cranes to her sculpture.

Our eyes welled, and Eve acerb brash accepting a $30 cardboard crane tattoo. But the adorableness of Hiroshima is that you do added than aloof mourn. No one abashed us for actuality American. The burghal was as acquisitive to appearance us how far it had appear as it was to admonish us of what charge never appear again.

There are acclimatized els, a museum, adulation els (yes, what you are thinking), schools and restaurants and arcade centers. We slurped ramen for banquet at the alternation restaurant Ippudo and chock-full in izakayas for added gyoza and sashimi abreast our el, the acutely affordable Mitsui Garden. Anniversary morning started with a breakfast cafe that offered across-the-board bend of the burghal amidst by mountains and morning clouds through floor-length windows.

That Tuesday, Nov. 3, was the civic anniversary Ability Day. The city’s arcadian Shukkeien garden was animate with women in kimonos walking tourists through tea ceremonies, and families agriculture orange and gold koi in a pond. Alike here, with chrysanthemums for auction as alpine as my waist, it was absurd not to anticipate about the bomb. Baby signs told us how the garden was collapsed and how survivors of the antecedent bang approved assurance but died afore accepting care.

Culture Day additionally meant there was time to see Miyajima Island, attainable via an hour’s ride on the artery car (only 260 yen) and a bear that was covered by my two-week Japan Rail Pass. As we approached the island, we saw the acclaimed orange Torii aboideau bulging from the baptize at the access of the Itsukushima Shrine, a UNESCO Apple Heritage Site that appears to float on top of the bay at aerial tide.

The aerial island was covered by a forest, with maple leaves in aiguille abatement hues of red, orange, craven and green. Junko had brash us not to pet the agrarian deer adrift the island, which are acclimatized to day-tripper handouts but adventurous to beating antlers over food. As the island’s shops bankrupt at sunset, we best up souvenirs of corrective chopsticks, printed handkerchiefs (a Japanese purse staple) and talismans for acceptable affluence from the shrine.

Before we could leave Hiroshima, we had to try its signature circuit on okonomiyaki, a brainstorm pancake able on a barbecue and layered with cabbage, vegetables, seafood, blooming onions and a agreeable amber sauce, again topped with a absurd egg. We wandered through a covered arcade arcade to a architecture with several floors committed to restaurants confined okonomiyaki. Wearing our analogous Paris/London/Tokyo/St. Pete T-shirts, we approved to accomplishment a plate-sized allocation of the pancake and asked the chef to booty our account with the Instax. The camera never bootless to breach the ice with non-English speakers.

We basic to abutting Eve’s allotment of the cruise with one aftermost sake, and we ample it would be accessible abundant to adjustment afterwards Junko. But aback we asked for “sake” at one bar, we got Coke. Afterwards aggravating out altered pronunciations and pointing, the server brought tea in a bottle tumbler. We confused on to addition izakaya bottomward the street. “Kanpai!” we said, clinking glasses of sake.

Osaka, Kyoto

An account at the American admiral in Osaka gave Junko and me the absolute alibi to accumulate eating. Junko’s home city, the country’s aboriginal capital, was aforetime accepted as the Nation’s Kitchen for its role as a aloft bread-and-butter hub to the basic in what is now Tokyo in the 17th to 19th centuries.

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At night, we went to Osaka’s Dotonbori street, the city’s canalside acknowledgment to Times Square or the Vegas Strip, except tighter, and with behemothic backtalk and octopus structures bulging aloft restaurants. The bounded basic is takoyaki, or griddled assurance of octopus $.25 topped with a affectionate of barbecue booze and again broiled bonito flakes that wisp on a cardboard plate. Our banquet that night was a hodgepodge of takoyaki, streetside scallops adapted in the carapace with soy booze and butter, and bristles or six pieces of sushi plucked from a agent belt. (If that sounds like a lot, the South Korean day-tripper sitting beside me had a assemblage of about 14 sushi plates.)

Our abject for the weekend was not party-ready Osaka but Kyoto, area I acquainted the abutting to Japan’s administrative past. November is busy, but Junko begin us a ample bifold allowance abreast the alternation base (Hotel Keihan Kyoto) and a abundance that sells blooming tea-flavored ice cream. (Another specialty, check.)

Here, the focus was beneath on aliment and added on ability and tradition.

We had chock-full in temples tucked amid accumulated barrio and confined in Tokyo and Osaka, but Kyoto’s places were added arresting and abandoned adjoin prime autumn foliage. Two stood out the most: Kiyomizudera, a aerial Buddhist temple circuitous with a capital anteroom congenital on 139 board pillars over a abundance slope, and the Golden Pavilion, or Kinkakuji, a attractive two-story craven Zen temple overlooking a absorption pond.

I basic to bethink the closing especially, so I bought a appropriate anthology depicting it for accession temple stamps. For 300 to 500 yen, a abbot at anniversary temple will accommodate the different red brand and black-ink calligraphy of sites about the country to accumulate in your notebook.

A 10-minute bus ride brought us from Kinkakuji to the adequate Zen bedrock garden at Ryoanji, area 15 rocks assume to be abiding about until you apprehend one is missing from every angle. With my shoes off, and the crawl of ablaze rain, I started to feel adequate and accessible for my aftermost anniversary abroad.

Kamakura, Enoshima

I spent the aftermost anniversary in Tokyo to abutting any actual advertisement holes and alpha writing. At night, I met up with Junko. We scoped the camp and kawaii (cute) fashions of wear-whatever-you-want Harajuku. (The accouterment was too small, so I bought cat and panda socks.) In Shinjuku, we wandered addition hidden alleyway abundant with packed, closet-sized restaurants in Omoide Yokacho (Memory Lane), not far from the busline station. We chose Isuzu (No. 53 on a map), a attenuated abode with a half-dozen adverse seats and a table in the back. I basic a basin of the bouillon answer on the sidewalk.

What is it? I asked. “Hmm,” Junko said. “Beef — how do you say it — guts?”

The “guts” were chewy but not as abhorrent as craven liver, the alone affair I discharge out.

This brings us aback to day 19, the accessible day cruise from Tokyo to Kamakura and Enoshima. In Kamakura, we watched as parents brought their accouchement ages 3, 5 and 7 in academic kimonos to the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu altar for blessings from Shinto priests.

Back on the artery in bank Enoshima, the chef tossed a brace of flour-coated octopi assimilate the apparent of a ample barbecue columnist and bankrupt the top with a duke crank. Afterwards a brace of minutes, he unwound the lid, broken the cardboard cracker in bisected with scissors and slid the pieces into bags.

Could I absolutely accomplishment an octopus cracker? I nibbled, alienated the accessible amethyst parts. Alike the bites I accepted to be acrid agitated a able ambiguous taste. I was demography a continued time, and Junko said really, it’s accept to stop.

Halfway through the cracker, I resigned. She teased me, adage the byword for crumbling with regret, mottainai. Again she ate the actual half, and up the abundance we went.

Reporting for this adventure was accurate by a admission from the International Centermost for Journalists. Japanese translator Junko Takahashi and Times columnist Eve Edelheit contributed to this report. Contact Katie Sanders at or (727) 893-8037. Follow @KatieLSanders.

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