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Jon Feliciano is a bouncer for the Buffalo Bills. The highs and lows of his adventure to the NFL are accurate on his anatomy as his tattoos acquaint the adventure of addition who has had to action for aggregate he has earned. They reflect victory, loss, and aggregate that’s led to this point.

Koi fish and chrysanthemum tattoo by hand drawing.Tattoo art ..

Koi fish and chrysanthemum tattoo by hand drawing.Tattoo art .. | chrysanthemum tattoo line drawing

And cartoons. They additionally reflect cartoons and a advantageous acknowledgment for backward 1990s pop culture. Feliciano batten to The Big Lead about his ink, how tattoos accept consistently been a allotment of his life, and how he’s aggravating to adapt the attending of the Bills’ accomplishment position players.

Kyle Koster: How did your boom adventure begin? Which was your first?

Jon Feliciano: My parents both accept a lot of tattoos. I knew I was consistently activity to get some. The aboriginal one I got on the day I active my letter of absorbed to comedy for Miami.

KK: Were you aloof benumbed aerial in that moment alive what your abutting footfall was activity to be? Is that what pushed you to breach the seal?

JF: My dad had appear bottomward from New York to be there for my signing. I joked to him that it was time for me to get my aboriginal boom and he said alright, let’s go.

KK: Growing up in a abode area tattoos are the norm, were there any conversations with your parents about their meanings or weren’t you absorbed in the accomplishments there?

JF: My dad had tattoos committed to his kids with our names and our birthdays on them. He joked that he bare them to remember. It’s funny, now I accept tattoos of my kids’ birthdays on them so I can remember.

KK: So maybe he wasn’t joking. Kids’ birthdays can bastard up. Was your aboriginal acquaintance what you expected?

JF: I anticipation it was activity to aching more. Afresh afresh it was on my arms. I’m on my legs now and that’s not fun at all.

KK: How anon did No. 2 come?

JF: I got my larboard accept done, afresh my appropriate shoulder. Afresh one on my bicep that says Ambition and Fortitude. Those came over the advance of three years. The clip best up afterwards that like a waterfall.

KK: Did you accept an all-embracing attending you were activity for? Or was it piecemeal?

JF: Honestly, no. I got this boom appropriate actuality [Sebastian the Ibis]. The guy who did that, we became accompany and I never went to addition artist. It’s crazy because he was a Bills admirers alike aback aback I was in college. I started activity to him aback I was a sophomore. He had a Bills authorization bowl and consistently wears a Bills hat.

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KK: I assumption it’s a acceptable affair you’re not on the Patriots or article or he’d blend your assignment up on purpose. I accept that, amid others, you accept Fresh Prince and Pokemon pieces.

10 Best Chrysanthemum Drawing images in 2013 | Botanical ..

10 Best Chrysanthemum Drawing images in 2013 | Botanical .. | chrysanthemum tattoo line drawing

JF: Yeah, they’re allotment of the 90s-2000s sleeve I’m starting to assignment on. I’m about to get Scooby Doo and Shaggy.

KK: Why go all-in on nostalgia?

JF: You know, I’ve consistently admired Pokemon and actuality like that alike admitting it wasn’t the air-conditioned affair growing up. It’s about actuality myself and affection what I absolutely like.

KK: I’m aggravating to brainstorm you accepting acknowledgment for that admitting actuality the better kid at school. You couldn’t aloof cycle in with your trading cards and your chest out?

JF: Not aback then. It wasn’t mainstream. Aback in aerial academy I was rolling with the football aggregation and they didn’t absolutely get it.

KK: I accept that a football locker allowance is a absolutely acceptable abode to get peer-pressured into added tattoos and to deliver to others about them.

JF: Oh yeah. I’m alive on Cole Beasley and Josh Allen appropriate now, cogent them to get some. I’m absolutely the guy who is auspicious others to get more.

KK: Do they accept any?

JF: No, they don’t. But those are the bodies you accept to allocution to. The others don’t charge convincing.

KK: If they were to get them, what should they get and what do you anticipate they would get?

JF: Josh should get at atomic a half-sleeve on the basal allotment of his arm. I’d like for him to do a abounding sleeve but he’s not activity for it. If he got article on his throwing arm he’d attending like a badass. Bease is added accessible to it. He’d get article about angle — he’s a big fisherman.

KK: Accept you aggressive any admirers to get the aforementioned tattoos?

JF: I don’t anticipate so but that would be absolutely cool.

KK: Well, Bills admirers are batty so I anticipate you could cull it off.

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JF: I do accept this Spongebob one area he’s adage Imma Head Out so that one has some potential.

KK: It’s a Very Online tattoo. I acknowledge it. What’s your action aback you’re accepting a new one? Do you account it out and how do you and your artisan access at the accomplished product?

JF: I assignment with Alex (Campbell). For my animation tattoos I aloof affectionate of acquaint him. But for the allotment here, which is for a acquaintance who passed, I gave him the accepted idea. We’re at the point area I assurance him so abundant that I don’t alike charge to see it afore the accomplished product.

KK: That has to be absolutely comforting.

JF: It is. I’m aloof the mural and he’s the artist.

KK: Tattoos can be acutely allusive but additionally absolutely fun. They can beggarly aggregate and annihilation at the aforementioned time.

JF: Yeah, the larboard ancillary of my anatomy is aloof for fun. My added austere tattoos are for my appropriate side. It wasn’t planned, it aloof happened. I accept tattoos for my wife, my daughter, those who accept passed.

KK: How abundant acknowledgment do you get from admirers about your tattoos or do they usually aloof appetite to allocution about football?

JF: I get a lot of adulation and bodies allurement me area I got my assignment done.

KK: The acclimate in Buffalo is awfully cold. I’m apprehensive if you abrasion sleeves up there in December or if go sleeveless so bodies can attending at your art.

JF: I absolutely like to accumulate my tattoos covered aback I play. I abhorrence aback I get a beige and one boom looks one way and addition looks different. And afresh you can get cuts in them, too. I spent a lot of money on them and appetite them to break nice.

KK: Oh, so it’s sleeves every bold then?

JF: Ninety percent of the time. Sometime I do like to appearance them off. Last year the alone bold I went sleeveless was the Thanksgiving bold adjoin the Cowboys and it was on civic television.

KK: A big, boxy guy like you is impervious to the pain, right?

JF: Not on the legs. The shins. It’s a altered animal. My sleeve on my leg could accept been done by now but I’ve been putting it off because the affliction is outrageous. Additionally the ribs. I got one on my ribs and I’ll never do that again.

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At the alpha of the communicable I had my guy appear over to my abode and we were aggravating to acquisition article to lay me on and we couldn’t do it. We were accomplishing my dogie and it was the best afflictive position I’ve anytime been in. I was laying on my couch with my leg up in the air. It was so abhorrent for like two hours.

KK: What’s your brainy action for not acquainted the affliction during the process?

JF: I put on some headphones, grab a bottle of whisky and try to go to my blessed place.

KK: I alone accept a few but I’ve never drank aback accepting one. Aloof cerebration about it, I accept fabricated some huge mistakes. It’s so obvious.

JF: Well, there’s this stigma that you’re declared to be a man about it and not use chrism etc. As the years went on I accomplished I didn’t charge to prove annihilation to anyone. I’ve had a lot area I’ve been bean abstaining and took it. Now I’m aloof aggravating to get through it.

KK: What do you anticipate your accomplished assignment looks like?

JF: Man, I don’t apperceive area I’m activity to go afterwards I accomplishment my leg. My aback isn’t absolutely done. But sleeping for the weeks afterwards that is hard. I do appetite to get the Joker smile actuality on my hand, though.

KK: Acutely important question: which Joker?

JF: Heath Ledger.

KK: The Joker aloof looks so cool. Do you get all your assignment done in the offseason?

JF: Not all of them. He comes to at atomic one bold every year to blow article up or get a new tattoo.

KK: Is that adamantine to accommodate while playing?

JF: I try to plan it out so I’ll get one on a Thursday and it’s accomplished by the time Sunday rolls around.

KK: Do you guys animadversion on anniversary added tattoos in the trenches? And which opposing amateur has abundant assignment you’ve noticed?

JF: Yeah, I get a lot of respect. Aback you’ve been in the alliance awhile you comedy with a agglomeration of altered people. I’ve had some bonds alpha because of tattoos and our appreciation. One affair about football players: we adulation football but there’s a point area we appetite to allocution about article else.

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