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Gaia is a built-in fighter, but in this interview, she shows us a attenuate adroitness and sweetness. She defines her appearance as “a Traditional that is gentle, but at the aforementioned time solid and classic”, and that sums it up perfectly: booty a attending at her assignment and the plates she has called in her new eBook “99 Ladies”. Don’t absence this account area you can accomplish the associate of a tattooist, and a person, who is absolutely special…

Dog - traditional rose shoulder tattoo

Dog – traditional rose shoulder tattoo | traditional rose shoulder tattoo

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3 Beautiful Rose Tattoo Ideas for Women | Yellow rose tattoos .. | traditional rose shoulder tattoo

Hi Gaia, and aboriginal and foremost, how are you doing? How are things action for you in this period?Hi there! This is absolutely one aberrant period, in agreement of the acceptable and the bad, and there is affluence of time for worrying, but for acceptable resolutions too. On the one duke worries about the present and future, calm with missing our abutting and dearest, but on the added duke there is the creativity, the will and the time for painting – article we tattooists generally don’t accept abundant of aback we get bent up in the aberration of accustomed action – and the amusement of blockage at home and adequate actuality with our families. I am advantageous abundant to animate in the countryside amidst by meadows and woods, which absolutely makes the abreast beneath of a hardship. For this reason, the admiring to alpha up afresh and get aback to course alternates with the abhorrence of action aback to actuality allotment of the alfresco world.

Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

Let’s allocution for a minute about your adventure and career: aback did you aboriginal absolutely get into tattoo?It’s a adulation that goes aback to my adolescence aback at 18 years of age, I got permission for my aboriginal tattoo. That’s aback I became absolutely absorbed by this art. I was terrified, but at the aforementioned time beatific and my eyes followed every detail of what the boom artisan was doing. I anticipate that was the moment aback I realised that it was article that I could try too!

What array of training did you get?I had abounding art school, and already I accomplished aerial school, I enrolled at the academy of Fine Arts of Turin area I accelerating in date design.

Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

And aback did you realise that tattooing was action to be the job for you?It was during my years at academy when, while I was studying, I started animate as an abettor date designer: it was a admirable job and meant I was able to accomplish my own active for the aboriginal time. But my adulation of boom was still there and, calm with my assignment and university, in 2008 I started my apprenticeship at a boom shop. In the beginning, I aloof able stencils and drawings; I bankrupt the tips and helped with charwoman up. Again gradually I started to body my own little amphitheater of audience until it concluded up actuality a able job. I accomplished my three-year amount programme a few years late, and again I was able to allot myself full-time and alone to tattoos.

Cover girl After - traditional rose shoulder tattoo

Cover girl After – traditional rose shoulder tattoo | traditional rose shoulder tattoo

Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

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Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

Did you accept a mentor?My coach was Renato Doctor Boom in Moncalieri, and I owe him so abundant for demography me on in his boutique as an apprentice. He’s a abundant tattooist with this massive abstruse and aesthetic background, and he was consistently at my side, teaching me the barter with abundant adherence and enthusiasm, but aloft all with complete assurance in me, giving me the keys to his boutique and alike at times accepting me to try out his machines. Alone now, years later, do I realise how complicated and ambitious it is to alternation up an apprentice, including the advance of time and brainy accomplishment that goes with it, but aloft all how adamantine it is to accept that assurance which Renato had in me aback then.

How accept things afflicted aback then? Is there anyone who has aggressive you and guided you over the amid years?Today I am the er of Hardtimes in Turin, and there are so abounding accompany and colleagues that I accept met throughout my career: all of them accept had an access on me. A accurate acknowledgment goes to Sergio Messina and Absence Arianna who, afar from actuality baby friends, are important advertence credibility for me aback it comes to managing the shop. And again there is my acquaintance and biking companion, Gaia Zeta, who I accept to admeasurement up adjoin artistically and professionally: she is badly important to me. Last but not atomic in agreement of importance, my accomplice Marco, aka Sacronero, who supports me and advises me on a day to day basis.

Have you appear up adjoin any problems, actuality a woman, in a assignment ambiance that until absolutely afresh was actual abundant a man’s world?Personally I accept never had any accurate agitation throughout my career, but apparently this is due to the actuality that I’ve got a actual able appearance and attendance which agency that assertive situations aloof animation off me. But I would be painting a rose-tinted account to say that these kinds of problems don’t crop up in our area – like in abounding others – area until aloof a few years aback the men far outnumbered the women.. I’m apologetic to say I still appear beyond abhorrent situations. I’m a built-in fighter and I will never annoy of continuing by women who accept to accord with these array of difficulties, and I’ll never aloof attending the added way.

Good for you, Gaia! So now can you acquaint us article about “your” Traditional: how would you ascertain it? Area do you attending to for afflatus and how to you go about researching pieces?I would ascertain it a “gentle” Traditional, but at the aforementioned time it’s solid and classic. My afflatus is all vintage: old pographs, illustrations and paintings from the aboriginal twentieth century, but abnormally the abundant abstract of western Traditional which, appropriate from the actual start, actually bugged me and are absolutely my greatest antecedent of inspiration.

I adulation to carbon and reinterpret the old flash, I feel they are timeless, and the added they age on the skin, the lovelier they are.

What absolutely fascinates me about these capacity is the actuality that for over a aeon now they’ve been anesthetized bottomward from one tattooist to addition as a array of legacy, they are “guardians of time” and alike admitting they accept been tattooed and redrawn millions of times, they are never absolutely the same, because anniversary and every artisan has added or subtracted or afflicted article and fabricated them their own. My favourites amid the artists of the accomplished are: Amund Dietzel, Ben Corday, Sutherland Macdonald, Cap Coleman and Percy Waters.

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Your favourite accountable absolutely board women’s faces: is this area you got the abstraction for you eBook “99 Ladies”? Would you like to acquaint us added about it?Sure, women accept consistently been my favourite subjects: I never stop animate on how to advance them from a stylistic and clear viewpoint.

I like to actualize these women cerebration of them as absolute people: anniversary of them has a name, a adventure and their own personality. They are somehow animate in my mind. “99 Ladies” comes from this abundant adulation of mine, and that is why I absitively to accompany calm in this eBook 99 beam of women I accept fatigued and sometimes tattooed over the years: pirates, gypsies, sailors, vampires, snake charmers, bikers and abounding added changeable figures, all calm in this accumulating which I achievement and accept can be a accessible antecedent of afflatus for anyone who, like me, loves this subject.

Let’s allocution about your shop: Hardtimes Tattoo. Aback did you accessible it?I opened Hardtimes Boom in January 2011 calm with my acquaintance Fabrizio Farese, and I anticipate of this boutique as my creation: it is abundant added than a bald workplace, basically it’s my home from home area over the years I’ve garnered experience, and dealt with hardship, joy and changes. In 2017 I opened the additional annex of the shop, a few blocks away from the first, and still a stone’s bandy from the Mole Antonelliana, in the Vanchiglia commune in the centre of Turin. This best was dictated by the charge for a beyond amplitude in adjustment to board added collaborators and bedfellow artists, so as to actualize a affair abode for altered styles and outlooks. In actuality I feel that acquirements from altered aesthetic styles is a axiological allotment of my animate style, I’d acquisition it absolutely adamantine to assignment in a boutique on my own, I anticipate I would get actively bored.

Is managing two shops complicated?It’s not easy, from an bread-and-butter or an authoritative point of view, and that’s why in September, with a abundant heart, I will be closing bottomward the old Hardtimes so that I can apply all of us in the new shop: a admirable 250 aboveboard accent premises.

Who will be animate with you and what array of atmosphere will there be there?At the moment there are 9 of us tattooists, including: Fabrizio Farese, Pamela Vecera, Marco Sacronero, November Oakbranch, Il Dime, Alessandro Damilano, Simona Cordero and Advantageous Luchino, as able-bodied as piercer Layla and our boutique administrator Elisabetta. We are all greatly affiliated by a abysmal accord and alternate admire – and I anticipate this is the acumen why it feels like one big family.

And what’s the arena like in Turin? And what can you acquaint us about your applicant base?The arena actuality in Turin has abiding afflicted a lot over contempo years. There are added and added boom artists and there has been a ample acceleration in the quality. There are tattooists now of the accomplished akin for every style. My applicant abject is actual assorted in agreement of gender, age and nationality: on the one duke there are my Turin followers, and again there is additionally a agglomeration of bodies from added genitalia of Italy and away who are able to biking to get a boom by me. I anticipate that is the greatest achievement a tattooist can ask for: to apperceive that somebody got on a alternation or a even to appear a get tattooed by you!

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Tell us about a archetypal day in this lockdown period: are you reading, painting, watching movies or tv series, alert to music? What array of a accepted accept you got?In this aeon I’ve been painting a lot, and this is one of the few positives of this lockdown. He who hesitates is lost, and I anticipate that it is capital to accumulate your aesthetic abilities up to speed. Music is absolutely the appropriate aggregation for this activity. I additionally adore accepting outdoors in the countryside: I accept a admirable garden a absurd meadows area I can airing with my dog Rosa. For the blow of the time, I am accepting the best out of my Netflix and Prime subscriptions, watching abhorrence films and thrillers, but abnormally attorneys documentaries and/or accurate abomination which are my accurate love. In the abutting action I would like to be reborn as Jessica Fletcher!

Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

Gaia Leone, Adamantine Times Tattoo, Torino

Are you authoritative affairs for the future? What do you anticipate things will be like already this emergency is over?As I’ve already mentioned, the aboriginal activity is closing bottomward the old shop, and this will booty up a lot of time and activity over the advancing months. I’m additionally animate on a book of paintings, which I achievement I will administer to accomplishment in this aeon aback I am not working. I anticipate that there will be abstruse changes in the world, we are branch for a bound in the apic because the changes won’t aloof be on a bounded level, they’ll be all-around too.

What is action to become of us, I don’t know, and it’s adamantine to imagine, but over the centuries, flesh has absolutely apparent an absurd spirit of adjustment and survival, and I anticipate that this time too, aloof like in the watch of every war, we will acquisition a way to clean what has been destroyed. There will absolutely be repercussions in the apple of boom as able-bodied and it will be a analysis of backbone and adventuresomeness for all of us…

Probably the alone ones who will appear out of it will be those with absolute affection and professionalism.

Is there annihilation you’d like to ask that we haven’t anticipation of allurement you afore we wind up?I would like to add that, afterwards this pandemic, if my career as a tattooist goes abdomen up, I’ll let you apperceive whether I administer to accomplish it as a clandestine eye…just in case you charge one!(laughs)

Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

Gaia Leone, Hardtimes Tattoo, Torino

Follow Gaia on Instagram: @gaialeone_ht

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